Apprenticeship & graduation

Swinkels Family Brewers regards the (personal) development of talent as central. Not only the development of our own talent, but also that of upcoming talent outside our organisation. We will undoubtedly be able to use your fresh view and gained knowledge to realise our ambitious goals and further international growth!

An active collaboration

Through our proactive apprenticeship policy, managers are encouraged to seek out opportunities to work with students. On the one hand, this is done by making apprenticeship and graduate schemes available, on the other hand, our colleagues also go to schools to give presentations and guest lectures or to discuss current cases. Of course, we would also like to show you our brewery and malt house by offering you a tour of Brewery Bavaria. In this way, we try to include you as a student in our daily challenges and gladly share a piece of the beautiful environment in which we work.

Will there soon be an apprenticeship fair at your school, are you looking for a guest lecturer or do you think we can do something for you in one way or another? Send an email to . It will be our pleasure to see if we can accommodate you.

The advantages of a proactive apprenticeship policy

As an apprentice you get the opportunity to contribute to achieving our ambitious goals. In addition to carrying out practical work, you will also be given the opportunity to (co-) set up and roll out projects. We will try to challenge you with educational projects and you will be made responsible in bringing your ideas to life in the workplace. 

In addition to the challenging work, we find it important to celebrate our successes together. You will share these successes not only with your team, but also with other apprentices within our organisation. That’s why we regularly organise meetings for all our apprentices. Here, guest speakers talk about their work at Swinkels Family Brewers. Of course, a snack and drink cannot be missed as celebrating successes should always include a moment to raise a glass!   

Apprenticeship and graduate schemes

Are you enthusiastic about your apprenticeship or do you want to graduate with us? Take a look at the apprenticeship vacancies in your field. You can find them in our vacancy overview. Every year we look for apprentices and graduates for all our departments so there is a good chance that there will be a challenge waiting here for you. We are happy to challenge you as a student to make an active contribution to the further growth of Swinkels Family Brewers.


You can also work at challenging assignments within a Work-Based Pathway (BBL) or School-Based Pathway (BOL). As we work with the latest techniques and machines, we find it important to train our professionals early in their careers. 

In the case of a BBL, we not only train you as a professional expert, but you also have your training costs covered throughout your entire programme and receive a good salary. Are you looking for a challenging BBL learning workplace? We regularly have BBL vacancies in the fields of Logistics, Service & Maintenance and Process Technology at level 2, 3 and 4. 

You can also come to us for a challenging BOL apprenticeship. This can be done in different departments within our organisation; from Production to Administration and from Engineering to Service.