Extracts & Compounds

At CereX we produce extracts and compounds. The wort produced during the brewing process is reduced to beer syrup. We refer to this beer syrup as 'extract'. If anything is added, such as a flavour, we call this extract a 'compound'. Every year we produce almost 4 tons of extracts and compounds at our brewery in Lieshout.

These extracts and compounds are semi-finished products and provide the basis for the local production of beers or (soft) drinks, without the need for a fully equipped brewery.

We have several extracts in our portfolio. An example would be extracts with or without hops, with a light colour. These particular extracts are very suitable for making radlers, (non-alcoholic) IPA, blond beers and soft/energy drinks. Dark extracts, conversely, are very suitable for making (non-alcoholic) malt and stout drinks, among others. Depending on the desired application, CereX can provide advice in the choosing of the right extract and possibly provide additional advice in achieving the desired drink.


Business solution to costumers: Brewed in The Netherlands, blended and bottled locally.

Potential partnership with:
Flavor houses will be able to deliver a full service solution to their costumers.
Breweries / soft drink plants: More efficient use of brewery o plant. Change export product into local production without a local brewery. 
Bottling & Distribution: Better occupation of bottling lines with own production with relatively low investment.

Local requirements:
Malt compound
Oxygen free water-maker
Blending tank