Uiltje Fancy Pants

The 6,5% hoppy goodness has made an entrence in the discoteques of our hearts and will probably never leave. Mister Fancy Pants smooth talked his way into our 2020 core range of beers, and without a doubt will be one of the main stars of the show. The chest hair won’t be distracting as the main flavours of white grape, grapefruit and stone fruit will be leaving you dry-mouthed and craving for more. Let’s have a fancy pants night!


Alcohol percentage


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Type Brut IPA
Ingredients Water, Pilsner malt, Hallertau Blanc hops, Ekuanot hops, Cascade hops, rice, London fog yeast
Fermentation High fermentation
Aroma Fruity, dry
Flavour Dry, fruity, Galai melon, white grapes
Color Light blonde, EBC: 5
Clearness Clear
Texture Dry, sparkling taste
Combines with Salad, entrées

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