Uiltje Bird of Prey

Our feathery friend is the ideal beer for real life superheroes! Do you sometimes feel a bit adventurous? Well, a can of our sublime Bird of Prey is all you need to start off with, and the adventures will follow subsequently. One of our most precious IPA’s, or India Pale Ales if you will. A hoppy and yet kick-in-the-face fresh beer, with an ABV percentage of 5.8%. Drink one can of Bird of Prey, and fly off to your next adventure!


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Type Superhero IPA
Ingredients Water, Pilsner malt, Pale Ale malt, Cascade hops, Cira hops, Simcoe hops, Mosaic hops, Chinook hops and American Ale yeast
Fermentation High fermentation
Aroma Citrus fruits, tropical fruits
Flavour Hoppy, fruity, fresh
Color Light blonde/blonde, EBC: 7
Clearness Clear
Texture Full texture with a well balanced hop flavour
Combines with Curry, Tacos, Burgers, Fish

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