About Swinckels'

Seven generations of brewing experience comes together in Swinckels'. A superior pilsner, brewed with pure mineral water from our own source. Here we add barley malt from our own malt house, yeast that is grown especially for the Swinkels family and specially selected hops. That's how we do that; averse to conventions, relying on gut feeling. 


Swinckels’ is a full-malt pilsner that is brewed in Lieshout. Swinckels’ is made with a blend of Cascade hop from the American Yakima valley and the Polaris hop from the Hallertau region in Germany. These hops give Swinckels' its unique character, which can be described as slightly spicy and fruity with a refined bitter, concluding with a beautiful, smooth aftertaste. The combination of a unique blend of hop varieties, mineral water from Bavaria's own spring and especially selected wheat malt from Bavaria's own malting plant creates a unique flavour and gives Swinckels' its distinctive, complex and refreshing character.


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Type Superieur Pilsener
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt and Cascade hop
Fermentation Low fermentation
Aroma Spicy and fruity
Flavour Hop-like, fruity and spicy.
Color Golden yellow, EBC: 15
Clearness Clear
Texture Light and carbonated
Combines with Asian dishes, appetizers with fish, sashimi, Peking duck
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