Steenbrugge Blond

The secret of STEENBRUGGE abbey beer is the unique “gruut” blend of herbs and spices, which gives the beer its delicious flavour. Every town used to have its own beer, each with its own individual character. In Bruges that character was determined by a blend of herbs and spices that brewers were obliged to purchase from the city’s herbs and spices shop, known as the “Gruuthuse”. In STEENBRUGGE Blond, this medieval tradition continues.


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Type Blonde
Fermentation High fermentation
Aroma Hop, slightly fruity and spicy yeast aroma
Flavour Fresh, wheat, coriander, peel curacao
Color Blonde, EBC 11
Bitterness EBU: 23
Combines with Mussels, sashimi, white mold

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