Landerbräu Radler

Refreshing mix of lemon water and pilsner with only 2.0% alcohol. The beverage begins with a lemon fresh nose with a hint of sweetness. The subtle sweetness continues on the palate, an interplay of lemon with barley, malt and hops. Smooth-drinking and thirst-quenching with a light bite of the alcohol in the smooth finish.


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Type Radler, beer drink with 50% lemonade and 50% beer
Ingredients Beer 50% (water, barley malt, glucose syrup, hop extract) and lemonade 50% (carbonated water, sugar, food acid, citric acid, acacia extract, natural flavour, colouring: E150c).
Fermentation The beer; bottom fermentation, lemonade; N/A
Aroma Lemon, grains, sweet
Flavour Sugared lemons, fresh, grain character of beer
Color Yellow, EBC 15
Clearness Sightly cloudy
Bitterness Low
Texture Carbonated, creamy, water
Combines with Prawn cocktail, smoked mackerel, calamari, Peking duck with hoisin, rotisserie chicken

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