About Kroon

Kroon is a traditional pilsner with a rich history. It was first brewed by the Croonenborch family in 1627. A stroke of genius; the beer was widely embraced by enthusiastic tasters and tappers. Now, almost four hundred years later, Kroon became the first beer in the beer market to be available online for on-trade entrepreneurs. Kroon's family recipe has been refined over the centuries and carefully tailored to the taste of today's beer drinker. The result is a quirky but very accessible quality beer. With a hint of flowers and hops as a finishing touch. 


Kroon is as idiosyncratic as it is welcome. Described by connoisseurs as a pure, drinkable pilsener with a hint of flowers and hops in the nose.


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Type Pilsener
Fermentation Low fermentation
Aroma Refreshing, slightly fruity, slightly hoppy
Color Golden yellow, EBC 10
Bitterness EBU: 21
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