About Habesha

Together with 8,000 local entrepreneurs, Habesha beer is brewed in Ethiopia. A refreshing beer with a golden yellow color. The Ethiopians also call Habesha the Cold Gold. Gold stands for the warm color and the convincing character of the beer. Cold indicates the temperature at which the beer can best be served. Habesha is the beer that stands for unity which is celebrated together in Ethiopia. The word Habesha also has an additional meaning. It is a proud term that indicates that all Ethiopians are connected by their origin.


Our Habesha beer is distinguished by its golden color, rich aroma and yet smooth drinking experience. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a lager with character and identity. Our beer is brewed from the best water of Ethiopia, directly from the highland area of Debre Birhan, where our proud and passionate people transform high-quality yeast, barley malt and hops into our beloved beer.


Alcohol percentage


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Type Pilsener
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt, wheat and hops
Fermentation Low fermentation
Clearness Clear
Color Light blond, EBC 12
Bitterness EBU: 16.5
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