Bavaria Shandy

Thirst-quenching soft drink with a little addition of pilsner. The proportion of pilsner to lemon & lime drink is 1:4. Bavaria Shandy has an alcohol percentage of 0.9% and is a malt drink. Light-coloured, clear. Predominantly refreshing and light, with a character of lemon & lime and a light beer flavour in the background.


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Type Soft drink consisting of 80% of lemon & lime lemonade and 20% of pilsner.
Ingredients 80% of lemonade (carbonated water, sugar, citric acid: lemon acid, natural aroma, colouring agent: caramel 150C, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, quillaia extract)
Fermentation The pilsner: low fermentation
Aroma Citrus fruit, sweet
Flavour Lemonade and pilsner
Color Light-pale, EBC: 5
Clearness Clear
Bitterness Virtually no bitters, EBU: 4
Texture Light and carbonated

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