Bavaria Radler Lemon

Bavaria Radler is a refreshing mixture of Bavaria beer and natural lemonade with a hint of citrus fruit. With an alcohol content of 2.0%, Bavaria Radler is a highly easily drinkable and above all refreshing drink. Accessible, cloudy and slightly sweet, with hints of citrus fruit and the beery character of Bavaria with a pleasant head.


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Type Radler, Bavaria beer and natural lemonade
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt, wheat and hop. Lemonade (carbonated water, sugar, concentrated grapefruit juice, concentrated elderberry juice, citric acid: citric acid, sodium citrate, natural aroma, ascorbic acid, acacia extract).
Fermentation The beer: low-fermentation
Aroma Fresh citrus fruit, beery
Flavour Slightly sweet, citrus, refreshing
Color Light-coloured, EBC 6
Clearness Cloudy
Combines with Spicy meat dishes, barbecued meat, duck’s breast, grilled fi sh, new cheeses, steak and other barbecued beef, deep-fried snacks.

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