Bavaria Premium 3.3%

Bavaria 3.3 has a lower alcohol content (3.3% ABV), yet it retains the authentic flavour of Bavaria Premium Pilsner. Brewed with various special malts, natural mineral water from Bavaria's own spring, in combination with a modified brewing process, giving the beer a beautiful body and excellent flavour. Additional aroma hops give the beer the normal bitterness of pilsner and a deliciously refreshing and hop-like aroma. As a result, the beer does not taste watery like traditional light and low-alcohol beers and retains the authentic flavour of Bavaria Premium Pilsner.


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Type Lager beer
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt and hop
Fermentation Low fermentation
Aroma Hop-like and pleasantly fruity
Flavour Beautiful bitterness, medium body, refreshing
Color Light-coloured, EBC: 7
Clearness Clear
Bitterness EBU: 16
Texture Sparkling
Combines with New cheeses, hearty and spicy meat dishes, barbecued meat dishes.

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