Bavaria Oud Bruin

A traditional sweetened brown beer, slightly grainy with a caramel-sweet flavour and a friendly alcohol percentage of 3.0%. A dark brown and clear beer with a slightly grainy and explicitly sweet aroma. The aroma continues on the palete, a full, caramel-sweet flavour dominates in this very light beer. Sweet bread, caramel, soft, syrupy sweetness. The flavour lingers in the finish.


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Type Old Brown, special beer
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt, hop, sugar, caramel.
Fermentation Low fermentation
Aroma Caramel, malt
Flavour Caramel, bread
Color Dark brown, EBC: 100-120
Clearness Clear
Bitterness EBU: 12
Texture Light, carbonated and slightly syrupy
Combines with Mussels (cook the mussels in the beer), veal, spare rib

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