8.6 Extreme

8.6 EXTREME is a powerful and robust blond bottom-fermenting beer with an alcohol content of 10.5%. Aromas of stone fruit and freshly cut grass lead to a creamy layer of foam and a heavy palate. The beer has a firm body with full flavours of ripe fruit and a dominant beer taste. Hints of pepper and a pleasant bitter tone come together with sweet-fruity notes of honey and a soft grapefruit after-taste.


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Type Powerful dark-blond beer
Ingredients Natural mineral water, barley malt, wheat, hops, natural flavour
Fermentation Bottom fermentation
Aroma Stone fruit, freshly cut grass, alcohol
Flavour Powerful, full, ripe and sugared fruit, cereal character, pepper, grapefruit, honey
Color Blond, gold 12.5 EBC
Clearness Clear
Bitterness EBU 21
Texture Creamy and watery

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