About Dr. Foots

Dr. Foots is a carbonated soft drink with natural plant and fruit extracts and caffeine. Dr. Foots has aromas and flavours of marzipan, sweetened cherries and cola. The drink is clear and dark brown in colour, predominantly sweet with refreshing fruit notes.


Dr. Foots has a sweet nose of marzipan, cola and cherries. The soft drink treats you with a sweet, fruity and flowery palate that continues with flavours of marzipan and candied almonds. A soft drink with strong aromas, a full, potent flavour and a sweet aftertaste.


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Type Soft drink
Ingredients Carbonated water, sugar, colouring (E150d), food acid (E338), preservative (E221), flavours (natural flavour), caffeine.
Fermentation Soft drink with added carbonation, no fermentation
Aroma Sweet, fruity and flowery
Flavour Marzipan, sweet cherries and cola.
Color Dark, brown, EBC: 70
Clearness Clear
Texture Carbonated, bubbly water
Combines with Popcorn, chips, American style fast food: hamburgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, French fries
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