Bavaria 0.0% Strawberry

Bavaria 0.0% Strawberry is a non-alcoholic malt drink, brewed with natural mineral water and real strawberry juice. Sweet and fruity, with a natural strawberry flavour, which makes Bavaria 0.0% Strawberry such a sweet and summery refreshment.


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Type Non-alcoholic malt drink
Ingredients Natural mineral water, sugar, barley malt, carbon dioxide, natural fl avourings, acidifi er (citric acid), hop extract.
Fermentation Cannot be specified due to unique brewing process
Aroma Strawberries, red fruit
Flavour Refreshingly sweet, strawberries, red fruit
Color Pale red
Clearness Clear
Texture Light, carbonic, watery
Combines with Grilled silverside, salad with goat’s cheese, balsamic and strawberries, duck’s breast, pate, fowl, crème brûlée, panna cotta, cheese cake.

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