Bavaria 0.0% Apple Malt

Bavaria 0.0% Apple Malt is a non-alcoholic malt drink with a pleasant, natural freshness of apples. Without being too sweet, this malt drink focuses on the flavour of real apples and it has a sparkling body. Light, refreshing and deliciously fruity.


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Type Non-alcoholic malt drink
Ingredients Natural mineral water, sugar, barley malt, 0.1% natural apple aroma, citric acid: citric acid. Allergens: Contains gluten (barley malt)
Fermentation Cannot be specified due to unique brewing process
Aroma Refreshing, unmistakable apple aroma, slightly sweet
Flavour Full, refreshing and sweet
Color Dark gold, EBC 8
Clearness Clear
Texture Light with carbonic acid gas
Combines with Creamy pasta dishes, risotto, savoury cakes, savoury crêpes, meat or fish dishes with onions and apples

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