About B52

B52 is an energy drink with its own character. Beautifully clear and gold in colour. The taste brings you sweet notes of cherries, pineapple and vanilla. The smell arouses your interest; it is fruity and sweet. The balance between sweet and sour makes it a drink that bites. A high caffeine content, added vitamins and taurine provide the necessary energy boost! After a few gulps you are loaded with energy. 


B-52 is a golden coloured energy drink with taurine, high caffeine content and added vitamins. Golden colour, clear and carbonated. An aroma that is reminiscent of confectionery and overripe fruit, fruity and sweet. The flavour is predominantly sweet with a candied fruitiness, reminiscent of cherries and pineapple confectionery with hints of vanilla. There is a hint of sourness in between. Sweet and quick in the aftertaste.


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Type Energy drink
Ingredients Energy drink with taurine, high caffeine content and added vitamins. Sweet fruit notes with hints of vanilla.
Aroma Confectionery and overripe fruit
Flavour Confectionery, tropical fruit, vanilla
Color Golden coloured, EBC: 10
Clearness Clear
Texture Carbonated
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