Bavaria 0.0% Mex

Bavaria 0.0% Mex is a refreshing and summery non-alcoholic beer with a surprising tequila and lemon twist. A sparkling golden non-alcoholic beer with a sweet aroma of tequila. A thirst-quenching non-alcoholic beer with a refreshing character. Brewed with natural mineral water from Bavaria’s own spring and 0.0% alcohol. Bavaria 0.0% Mex should be consumed ice cold, directly from the bottle, with or without refreshing lime.


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Type Non-alcoholic beer with tequila flavour
Ingredients Natural mineral water (carbonated), barley malt, sugar, hop, citric acid (lactic acid, natural aromas)
Fermentation Cannot be specified due to unique brewing process
Aroma Sweet with hints of tequila and lime
Flavour Sweet fruit and refreshing hints of tequila and lime
Color Gold
Clearness Clear
Bitterness EBU: 7
Combines with Guacamole, burritos, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, grilled chicken, summer salads, grilled silverside, red meat from the charcoal grill, spicy salsa.

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