War Ukraine


We abhor the war that the Russian regime has started in Ukraine. There is never any legitimacy in using military aggression in a political conflict. We are deeply concerned about the unreal developments. Our thoughts go out to the more than 44 million Ukrainians whose lives are now so badly affected by this invasion. 

Our first priority from the beginning of this crisis has been - and will remain - to support the victims of this war. We feel a responsibility to contribute to the help that Ukrainian refugees now desperately need. Therefore, we immediately made a donation to UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency. We continue to support UNHCR's relief efforts in the region and offer work in our company to Ukrainian refugees displaced by this conflict. The first refugee will start work soon. In addition, a number of Ukrainian families are being offered shelter within our management.

In Ukraine, we sell beers through a distributor. The distribution to Ukraine has been stopped for the time being. We remain in close contact with our distributor and its employees. Their safety is obviously our highest priority. In Russia, we work with a local, independent brewery that produces and sells beers under licence and we have export activities. The safety of our Russian partners is also our priority.

The European Union has imposed several sanctions against Russia. These sanctions should lead to the end of this inhuman and senseless war as soon as possible. As far as our business activities in Russia are concerned, we comply with the sanctions policy of the European Commission. It is important to stress that these activities are not on the European sanctions list.

Of course, it is a moral dilemma for us how to deal with this situation as a company and it is almost impossible to do the right thing. There is a lot of emotion involved and that is where the danger lies. For us, one thing is central: a peace agreement. The trade-offs in that process are made by the EU heads of government when it comes to the sanctions that are to support the peace negotiations. They are in a much better position to oversee the playing field than individual companies. We have faith in the European heads of government who are working towards a peace agreement and are therefore fully committed to European policy. 

To sum up, as a company we hope for a quick peace agreement, we contribute to the aid for Ukrainian refugees and we commit to the European policy against the Russian regime.

Peer Swinkels, CEO Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

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