To this day, Brewery Palm produces both top-fermentation and bottom-fermentation beers. The result is an exceptional collection of quality beers with rich flavours and tastes. Brewed with great passion, using unique recipes, by beer masters who know everything about herbs, hops, fruit and wood in beer. They work day in and day out on a unique taste experience and authentic beers. For over 250 years. 

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Since 1747

The history

Beer really tastes good when you know the story behind it. When you taste the brewer's passion. When you get drawn into the history of the brewery. And admire the brew kettles first hand and inhale the aromas. Then, you’ll experience how we get the best out of nature. Discover for yourself how we bring together the best ingredients and passion for our trade with a visit to Palm's historic brewing location and the adjacent Diepensteyn castle estate.

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