Malt house

Our malt house at the Eemshaven is located at a deep-sea harbour. This malt house has the most advanced technology and, due to its strategic location, offers global possibilities when it comes to the import and export of malt.

In addition to 300 years of brewing knowledge, we have more than 100 years of malt knowledge. In the early twentieth century, we only used the malt from our malt house for our own brewery. Due to the growth of our brewery, however, the malt house expanded. In 2004, we opened a second malt house at the Eemshaven (Groningen). The extra malting capacity ensured that malt could also be sold to other breweries. 

Today, our malt houses produce more than 400,000 tons of malt of the highest quality malting barley which we export to breweries and distilleries on all continents. Thanks to the extremely central location in the heart of the European barley fields, we can guarantee the quality of our brewing and distilling malt year after year.

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