CereX was established in 2009 and is part of Swinkels Family Brewers. This part of the organisation focuses on two areas.

Cereal extracts
The first focus area is the product CereX (combination of CEReal EXtracts) which is reduced wort brewed in brewery Bavaria. Wort is produced halfway through the beer brewing process and is reduced at CereX resulting in a type of beer syrup. This 'extract' forms the basis for many types of drinks. If anything is added (e.g. a certain flavour/aroma), we refer to the extract as 'compound'. We ship the extract in order to locally produce non-alcoholic/alcoholic beer or soft/energy drinks. Being a concentrated semi-finished product we make huge savings on transport and import costs.

The production of these natural malt extracts and compounds stems from a brewer's philosophy. The combination of an in-depth knowledge of the entire chain (malting-brewing-soft drinks production) and the state-of-the-art production facilities within Swinkels Family Brewers, ensures a high-quality product. 

Exporting drinks...

3.000 HL Brewing Beer

30 x 20 ft.

3.000 HL

... or exporting CereX (evaporated wort) and produce the drink locally!

400 HL Brewing Wort


1 x 20 ft.

Add water + additives

3.000 HL



For more information about the CereX product, please visit  www.cerex.nl