Our story:
You can taste our brewer's intuition

We are Swinkels Family Brewers. An independent family brewer. Beer is enjoyment, it brings people together. That’s why we offer the right beer for every occasion, each with its own taste and character. Brewed with love in one of our breweries. Brewing beer has been in our genes for 300 years.


Diverse range


Brewing beer requires craftsmanship and intuition. Intuition about how good beer should taste and how you brew it. With a great sense of quality, we have been brewing the most delicious beers for centuries, where we always look to see if it can be improved upon. Our beer range consists of dozens of authentic beer brands that we bring to the consumer through our partners, on-trade establishments and retailers throughout the world.


Independent brewer


We are 100% independent. Because of this we do things differently than others because we can. We engage with both feet firmly on the ground. At home we learned how to set our own course, to go into the world and to persevere if you believe in something. You can notice and taste these characteristics. We malt our own barley and have our own mineral water source. In this way we can guarantee the continuous quality of our products. All stemming from our passion to let the world enjoy our beer. 


Pioneering partner


As an entrepreneur you want to make your own choices. That's why we think with our customers, not for them. Based on the intention to mean something to the other and to enter into a long-term relationship we are curious to know what our consumers and customers want.  We offer a broad and ever-growing portfolio, and provide insight into which beers and experience best suit a consumer, retail or on-trade concept. In this way, we hope to push boundaries together and, from generation to generation, make things happen in a smart way. 


Healthy entrepreneurial spirit


No one is the same in a family. This also applies to our breweries. Each and every one of them has its own history and character. We cherish that. What binds us? A passion for beer, craftsmanship and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, we always seek local connections: with consumers, with partners or with the surroundings. We want to give something back. We grow with breweries that complement and fit us well. That's why everyone feels at home in our 'family'.


Sustainable growth


We are Swinkels Family Brewers and proud of it. With three centuries of craftsmanship and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today. We consciously opt for growth. Both autonomously and through new business and acquisitions. Growth gives us the opportunity to invest in our people, safety, innovations, markets and our environment. We choose for sustainable brewing worldwide. Also in this field, we are pioneers. Circular entrepreneurship is our starting point here; breweries that are energy- and water-neutral and where we reuse waste and residual materials. In this way, we contribute locally to a liveable environment. No matter where in the world.

This is how we continue to pass a more beautiful Swinkels Family Brewers on to the next generation.

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  • Our manifesto

    This is what we, curious beer brewers, believe in, which we inherited from home. What we strive for day after day, with everyone who is part of the family.

  • Our profile

    7 generations of brewing experience come together in our portfolio which consists of various authentic brands. Each with a consistent quality, a personal story and made with passion.

  • Our management style

    Swinkels Family Brewers is an independent Dutch family business. We find our origins in Lieshout (Brabant).

  • Our history

    Our family business has existed for more than 300 years. Every day, the 7th generation of Swinkels and more than 1,800 colleagues strive to have the world enjoy our beer.