Our profile

For 7 generations we, the Swinkels family, have run our independent family brewery. With 7 breweries and dozens of unique beer brands, we offer the consumer the right beer for every occasion. Consumers now enjoy our products in more than 130 countries.


Consumers enjoy our products in more than 130 countries.


We have 6 brewery locations, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ethiopia.


Our portfolio consists of over 300 different beers.

8 mln

Every year we produce around 8 million hectolitres of beer.


Worldwide, we work together with over 1,800 colleagues.

897 mln

Our annual turnover amounts to more than 897 million.

Our mission

We want the world to enjoy our beer

With that goal in mind, we get up every morning and are pleased to go to work. With passionate colleagues and a lot of faith in our products. In this way, we create value for our customers and bring people together. That brings joy and pleasure, and we are proud of that.

Our vision

A sustainable family brewer with firm roots in the local soil

A global brewer with roots in local soil  In the coming years we will continue to brew beer at various locations around the world. On our own and together with our partners. Lieshout remains the central point from which we manage our international company. We roll out our marketing, sales and production activities worldwide for optimum coverage. We spread our wings and at the same time keep a foothold in our local markets. In order to continue to offer relevant products, we frequently seek contact with our consumers. With our goal of 'letting the world enjoy our beer even more' always clear in sight.


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  • Our story

    Good beer is not good enough. We push boundaries, time and time again. With three centuries of brewer's intuition and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today.

  • Our manifesto

    This is what we, curious beer brewers, believe in, which we inherited from home. What we strive for day after day, with everyone who is part of the family.

  • Our profile

    7 generations of brewing experience come together in our portfolio which consists of various authentic brands. Each with a consistent quality, a personal story and made with passion.

  • Our history

    Our family business has existed for more than 300 years. Every day, the 7th generation of Swinkels and more than 1,800 colleagues strive to have the world enjoy our beer.