Our profile

For 7 generations we, the Swinkels family, have run our independent family brewery. With 8 breweries and dozens of unique beer brands, we offer the consumer the right beer for every occasion. Consumers now enjoy our products in more than 130 countries.


Consumers enjoy our products in more than 130 countries.


We have 8 brewery locations, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ethiopia.


Our portfolio consists of over 300 different beers.

7,2 mln

Every year we produce around 7,2 million hectolitres of beer.


Worldwide, we work together with around 1,800 colleagues.

836 mln

Our annual turnover amounts to more than 836 million.

Our purpose

Seeing the world as our family


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Our vision

Our goal as an independent, pioneering family of brewers and maltsters is to continually work on smart and sustainable ways to create lasting value. For our consumers, our employees, our relations, our shareholders and the world around us. In doing so, we pass on an even better family business to the next generations. 

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Our circularity ambition

As a family business, it is our job to ensure that countless future generations will still be able to enjoy everything we build and brew. Our goal is therefore to pass on our company to the next generation as circularly as possible. Circular entrepreneurship means that we will not let raw materials, energy and other materials to be lost. We will make sure that they retain their value. With our Swinkels Circularity Index we measure how circular we are as an organization.

In 2025 we wish to achieve 75% circular operations. 


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  • Our story

    Good beer is not good enough. We push boundaries, time and time again. With three centuries of brewer's intuition and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today.

  • Our manifesto

    This is what we, curious beer brewers, believe in, which we inherited from home. What we strive for day after day, with everyone who is part of the family.

  • Our management style

    Swinkels Family Brewers is an independent Dutch family business. We find our origins in Lieshout (Brabant).

  • Our history

    Our family business has existed for more than 300 years. Every day, the 7th generation of Swinkels and more than 1,800 colleagues strive to have the world enjoy our beer.