Our manifesto

We are the Swinkels family.

We are curious beer brewers. 

Beer and brewing is in our genes. 

There is more than just beer in a bottle.

It starts with our shared, deep feel for quality. 

Our beer brings conviviality, fun and people together. 

Good beer alone is not enough for us.

We want to influence the world of beer. 

We engage everything we have for this: 

our people, our resources, our whole heart. 

At home we learned how 

to lead the way, to set our own course, 

to go into the world, to persevere. 

With all who belong to the family. 

These characteristics are self-evident. 

You see it, you feel it, you live it.

That's why we dare to do more, together.

Whatever happens. 

An environment to be ourselves, to be individuals, 

quirky even. That's how we push boundaries, 

We have pushed boundaries, time and time again.

Nobody can compare to us. It makes our beer worldly. 

In this way, we can pass on an even better brewery than it is today. 


The Swinkels family


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  • Our story

    Good beer is not good enough. We push boundaries, time and time again. With three centuries of brewer's intuition and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today.

  • Our profile

    7 generations of brewing experience come together in our portfolio which consists of various authentic brands. Each with a consistent quality, a personal story and made with passion.

  • Our management style

    Swinkels Family Brewers is an independent Dutch family business. We find our origins in Lieshout (Brabant).

  • Our history

    Our family business has existed for more than 300 years. Every day, the 7th generation of Swinkels and more than 1,800 colleagues strive to have the world enjoy our beer.