Our management style

Swinkels Family Brewers is an independent Dutch family business. We find our origins in Lieshout (Brabant). Swinkels Family Brewers is made up of Brewery Bavaria, Brewery Palm, Brewery Rodenbach, Brewery De Hoorn, Brewery De Molen, Brewery De Koningshoeven, Brewery Habesha, Holland Malt and CereX.

Our organisation has a two-tier management structure. This means that the organisation is governed by the Executive Board, consisting of Peer Swinkels (CEO) and Geert van Iwaarden (CFO), under the supervision of a supervisory board. These bodies are independent of each other.

Sole shareholder of Swinkels Family Brewers Holding NV is Ambrig BV. All shares of Ambrig BV are held by Stichting Administratiekantoor Ambrig (Foundation Administration Office Ambrig). This foundation has issued depositary receipts for Ambrig BV shares to (the descendants of) the Swinkels family, resulting in them indirectly holding the full economic interest in Swinkels Family Brewers.

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Geert van Iwaarden (CFO) and Peer Swinkels (CEO).

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One strategy, three divisions

The organisational structure of Swinkels Family Brewers was converted in 2019 to an Executive Board model with three underlying divisions: Swinkels Family Brewers N.V., Holland Malt and Habesha. Each division has its own Management team and conducts its own business. Together with the Division Management teams, the Executive Board forms a future-proof structure, enabling us to respond more quickly and effectively to changes. From within Royal Swinkels Family Brewers and together with the Division Management teams, we will continue to focus on the growth of all three divisions and on strengthening our foundation for the entire company. Each of the three divisions has integrated these two focus areas in its own strategic action programmes, which include value creation, smarter working, circularity and our people. As an international player in the beer and malt market, we want to be and remain relevant and current.


Swinkels Family Brewers N.V.
The breweries of the Swinkels Family Brewers N.V. division want to offer consumers, worldwide, a suitable beer for each and every occasion. In order to do this, it is important that they keep in touch with the locals. Not remotely, but by taking root in local soil in different places throughout the world. Consumers are changing and Swinkels Family Brewers N.V. wants to respond optimally to these changing needs. It is not without reason that the portfolio has been expanded in recent years to include beers of breweries Palm, Rodenbach, De Molen and distributor Bier&cO. Swinkels Family Brewers N.V. will continue to play the "portfolio game" and will keep looking for growth opportunities to let the world enjoy good beer.

Geert van Iwaarden, Gijs Swinkels, Peer Swinkels and Pieter Swinkels

Holland Malt
Following the capacity expansions of recent years, Holland Malt's main plan is to use its resources and capacity in a smart way. In addition, it is focused on developing special malts and new recipes which are highly sought after in today's market. A good start was made with the malt that Holland Malt is currently supplying to the whisky industry. In the meantime, the malting plant continues to take its position as a "manufacturer" of raw materials quite seriously. In this respect we've noticed that brewers consciously opt for its sustainable working methods and products. What will certainly help Holland Malt to grow in the coming years is that its smart procurement policy makes it less dependent on climate changes and the quality of harvests. Ultimately, Holland Malt strives to be of service to every brewer, anywhere in the world. This requires growth in both volume and diversity.

Jos Jennissen

Habesha has grown five times bigger in the past five years. You just couldn't get enough beer to the table. Meanwhile, the political landscape in Ethiopia has changed. Further democratisation and liberalisation has taken place. The changes for the Ethiopians are quite substantial which is why this transition period regularly boasts unrest and turmoil in the country. Moreover, the beer market is growing at a slower pace due to the stricter alcohol policy imposed by the government. Because the capacity of beer production has grown rapidly in recent years, there is now a supply surplus. Habesha is still growing faster than the market, but in the coming years it wants to establish a rock-solid sales organisation. The motto is "sales first". Until now, the brewery was mainly focused on the distribution to cities. In the coming years, it will focus more on supplying rural areas. After all, 80% of the 100 million Ethiopians live in the countryside. In addition, Habesha will source a large part of its raw materials locally which will be of great benefit to the Ethiopian economy. Furthermore, it saves on CO2 emissions and costs if we are less dependent on imports.

Board Habesha

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  • Our story

    Good beer is not good enough. We push boundaries, time and time again. With three centuries of brewer's intuition and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today.

  • Our manifesto

    This is what we, curious beer brewers, believe in, which we inherited from home. What we strive for day after day, with everyone who is part of the family.

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    7 generations of brewing experience come together in our portfolio which consists of various authentic brands. Each with a consistent quality, a personal story and made with passion.

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    Our family business has existed for more than 300 years. Every day, the 7th generation of Swinkels and more than 1,800 colleagues strive to have the world enjoy our beer.