Start of the brewery

The first appearance of brewery 'De Kerkdijk' in archives.


Founding year

For many years now, we have used 1719 as the year in which we were founded and we mention this year on some of our labels. This is the year from which the oldest excise papers were found. But a municipal archivist who researched our origins last century remarked that the origins of the brewery probably go back much further, to 1680.


The first Swinkels

From this moment on the brewery and the Swinkels family are connected inextricably.


Opening of new brewery

We open a new brewery. A year later, the three brothers Frans, Piet and Jan Swinkels founded the company 'Gebroeders Swinkels'. They then introduced a new (bottom fermentation) brewing method for brewing pilsner.


Opening of Brew house I

The three brothers Jan, Piet and Frans Swinkels open a new brew house, which is still operational today.


Our own malt house

Johannes Swinkels opens our own malt house. This gives us more control over the quality of this important raw material for our beer.


Our first export to Italy

A first; this year we export Bavaria beers to Italy for the first time.


Introduction of alcohol-free beer

We introduce Bavaria Malt; Bavaria's first alcohol-free beer. Brewed according to a unique brewing method that never produces alcohol.


Collaboration with de Koningshoeven

Bavaria is going to collaborate with Brewery De Koningshoeven. Here Trappist monks fully dedicate themselves to brewing La Trappe.


Opening of the Eemshaven Malt House

We are expanding our malt houses with a location at the Eemshaven. Eemshaven Malt House is one of the largest malt houses in Europe.


Introduction of Swinckels' and farewell to the 6th generation

The 6th generation of Swinkels pass on the baton to the 7th generation. In honour of this, we introduce the new superior pilsner Swinckels'.


Opening of Brewery Habesha

In Ethiopia, we open Brewery Habesha, supported by 8,000 local shareholders. A brewery for and of the local population.


Acquisition of Palm Belgian Crafts Brewers

We expand our portfolio of specialty beers with the acquisition of Palm Belgian Crafts Brewers.


Swinkels Family Brewers

We change our trade name into Swinkels Family Brewers.


300 years Brewery Bavaria & takeover De Molen brewery

Bavaria Brewery celebrates its 300-year anniversary. Swinkels Family Brewers also receives the Royal designation, changing its name, therefore, to Royal Swinkels Family Brewers. In addition, we are expanding our minority interest in the De Molen brewery to 100%.


Takeover Uiltje Brewing Company

We added Uiltje Brewing Company to our family of breweries in April 2021. Uiltje Brewing Company is known for its fantastic beers and the playful can illustrations. The takeover added a distinctive modern craft beer market player to our own brand range.

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  • Our story

    Good beer is not good enough. We push boundaries, time and time again. With three centuries of brewer's intuition and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we have come to where we are today.

  • Our manifesto

    This is what we, curious beer brewers, believe in, which we inherited from home. What we strive for day after day, with everyone who is part of the family.

  • Our profile

    7 generations of brewing experience come together in our portfolio which consists of various authentic brands. Each with a consistent quality, a personal story and made with passion.

  • Our management style

    Swinkels Family Brewers is an independent Dutch family business. We find our origins in Lieshout (Brabant).