Our collaborations

We want to offer consumers the right beer for every occasion That is why we adjust our portfolio in line with the needs of the local consumer. We want to be as relevant as possible.

Local breweries

In addition to our varied range of own brands, we work together with local breweries in order to increase the relevance of our product range. On a local basis, for instance, we work together with Moritz, the oldest beer brand in Spain, a brand that symbolises the city of Barcelona. And since 2019 with brewery Argo in Georgia.


Apart from collaborations with local breweries, Bier&cO, one of the largest beer importers in Europe, became a part of the Swinkels Family Brewers in 2018. Bier&cO is an exclusive importer of prominent brands from all over the world and it exports various Dutch craft beer brands. Bier&cO has grown into a true ambassador for local and specialty beers. With brands such as BrewDog, Weihenstephan and ‘t Uiltje, Bier&cO directly contributes to our goal of being a portfolio player that can offer consumers the highest level of relevance.

Our full product range can be found on sfbhoreca.nl

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