Our brewing processes

We brew our beers using 3 traditional methods: Lagers using bottom fermentation and beers using top and mixed fermentation. The different brewing methods provide a wide range with an extensive flavour palate. 

Bottom fermentation beers

Traditionally, we brew lagers according to the bottom fermentation method. In this brewing process, we ferment at a low temperature, around 10°C. The brewing process often takes a few weeks. This gives the yeast time to sink to the bottom of the yeast tanks; this is the origin of the term 'bottom-fermenting'. During this process the alcohol and carbon dioxide are produced in the lager, as well as a rich aroma bouquet. This fermentation method therefore has a great impact on the flavour. Bottom fermentation lager also often has a lower alcohol percentage than top fermentation beer. 

Top fermentation beers

The brewing method with top fermentation offers even more possibilities to further refine the taste of the beer. In this process, we ferment the beer at a relatively high temperature between 15 and 20°C. The yeast comes to the surface at the end of the fermentation; this is the origin of the term 'top fermentation'. But above all, these specially selected yeast strains produce a special taste palate. These are tasting beers. We add extra herbs or spices to the beer where desired. Often this brewing method results in beers with a higher alcohol percentage. Some top fermentation beers also undergo secondary fermentation once bottled. This means that after bottling, a fermentation process takes place in the heat chamber for extra flavour development. 

Mixed fermentation beers

In this method, we first use a high fermentation process. The second fermentation during the 2-year maturation period in oak casks is induced by bacterial flora (including lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria) and wild yeasts (including Brettanomyces), both present in the oak. They first form organic acids and then convert them into fruity esters. Eventually we get an accessible beer with a perfect sweet-sour balance.

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