Swinkels Circularity Index

As a family business, we consider it our duty to ensure that countless future generations will still be able to enjoy everything we build and brew today. This is why we wish to become a circular business as soon as possible as we believe it will have the biggest impact on society. Circular business operations means that we will ensure that no raw materials, energy and other materials will be lost and that they will retain their value.


Within the context of a fully circular business we developed an integral method and calculation; the Swinkels Circularity Index (SCI). This method consists of three core processes as a control mechanism; circular procurement, circular production and high quality reuse. The calculation method makes it possible to link the circularity of the entire company to concrete objectives, gain insight into the processes and make necessary adjustments. The Swinkels Circularity Index is part of the CSR information that KPMG, the accounting and consultancy firm, has reviewed in 2019 resulting in the issuance of an Assurance Report.

The Swinkels Circularity Index gives us something to hold on to in our daily work as well as the confidence to find the right balance between our circularity agenda and business opportunities in the future. In addition, the extent of the applicability of the calculation also offers opportunities to other businesses that strive for circularity.

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  • SDG's

    Five SDGs share common ground with our core activities. We are going to focus on these in the coming years.

  • Our policy

    As a family business, we see it as our duty to ensure that, after our generation, countless more generations can enjoy everything we brew and build.