Our policy

As a family business, we see it as our duty to ensure that, after our generation, countless more generations will enjoy themselves. To achieve this, we report on five topics: circularity, sustainable growth, responsible drinking, safety and well-being and local involvement. Our governance, which is based on these pillars, is laid down in various policy documents. In this way, we can pass on even better breweries to future generations.

Circular business model

In order to pass on the brewery in an even better state than it already is, we are heading towards circular entrepreneurship. This means that we will ensure that no raw materials, energy and other materials will be lost and that they will retain their value. Ultimately, we wish to bring our waste level down to zero, use as few raw materials as possible and not cause any damage to the environment. In order to ensure this, we have drawn up the following policy documents:

Socially Responsible Procurement

Sustainable growth

We want to grow, albeit sustainably. We want to offer financial stability to our stakeholders. Our policy for sustainable growth is described in the following documents:

Tax Policy
Quality and Food Safety
Swinkels Family Brewers' Code of Conduct

Responsible drinking

Beer and other alcoholic beverages have been a pleasant part of social life for centuries. And that's fine, as long as you handle it responsibly. Yet alcohol, and therefore beer, is not suitable at certain times, in some places and for some people. As a brewer, a family business and as an employer, we feel it is our duty to contribute, where possible, to the concept of responsible drinking and to raise awareness of this issue. This is why we have drawn up the following policy documents:

Internal Policy for Responsible Drinking
Marketing and Communication Code
Initiatives on Responsible Drinking


Safety and well-being

At Swinkels Family Brewers, we believe it's important that our people enjoy every working day and return home healthy at the end of the day. That is why we have been striving for zero industrial accidents within our company for years. We regard our employees as family and find it important to take good care of our employees, temporary workers and everyone else who works for us. Enjoying one's work is very important, particularly now that everyone has to work longer before retirement. We naturally benefit if our employees feel good about themselves. In order to safeguard this pillar, we have drawn up the following policy documents:

Safety and Environment

Local involvement

Local is in our DNA. Our stakeholder analysis helps us to determine who our main local stakeholders are as well as their interests and needs. On the basis of this analysis, local projects are decided on for each branch that contribute to the interests and needs of the local stakeholders. We prefer to be involved for a longer period of time in structural projects where we help the local population. In addition, we like to be present at events and participate in projects that are important to the people of that area. We do this wherever we are based.

Local Involvement Policy

Doing business responsibly

“Seeing the world as our family” is our moral compass (purpose). This sentence determines our behaviour, our way of doing business and the way in which we work. We are a family business, which makes us unique in the brewing world. And it is from that family perspective that we view ourselves and the world. To us, as a family business, integrity, transparency and loyalty are of the utmost importance. After all, observing the above enables us to pass on our breweries and malting plants in an even more beautiful state than they already are.

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Our Code of Conduct

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  • SDG's

    Five SDGs share common ground with our core activities. We are going to focus on these in the coming years.

  • Swinkels Circularity Index

    Within the context of a fully circular business we developed an integral method and calculation; the Swinkels Circularity Index (SCI).