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Many international beer brands from all kinds of large and small breweries from Europe and America are for sale in Russia, often through licensed production with one of the four big international players in Russia. As is well known, we - as a brewery  - also have a licensing contract with a local partner that has breweries in Russia and Ukraine. We do not have our own local brewery and no employees in Russia. 

We strongly condemned the invasion of the Russian regime in Ukraine from the very beginning. However, it is a big dilemma for us how to deal with our license partner as we share a long history with each other. We have built the business with them in great trust. They have no link with the Russian regime and are not on the sanctions list. Nevertheless, we have indicated that we want to terminate the licence contract. We are currently discussing this issue.

We continue to adhere to the sanctions policy of the European Union and, through various donations, we are helping Ukrainian refugees and the Ukrainian people. We have also been able to offer work to Ukrainian refugees in our company.

Peer Swinkels, CEO Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

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